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Blaze Orange Hard TPU (60D) - 1kg 1.75mm

Blaze Orange Hard TPU (60D) - 1kg 1.75mm

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Blaze Orange Experimental TPU, 60D Hardness.
This is extremely new and still experimental.  Recommended for people who already have experience with Polar Filament.

Filament weight is 900-1000g (we were still dialing in the correct length to get 1000g). This product is 17% discounted to account for the variance in spool weights that you may receive.

This material is still in early beta, and it was wound onto re-used spools that we had lying around.

1.75mm Diameter

Individual Tolerance Printed on Each Spool

Print temperature: 220 ±10C

Bed temperature: 70C ±10C

Print speed: 20-40mm/s (very slow!)

Ornamental Bear 3D model by pmeows

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