Free Local Pickup

Free 1-minute Local Pickup

We don't need a heads up, just place your order and select "Local Pickup" at checkout.  We keep everything in stock, so we only need about 1 minute to grab your order from the shelves.  You can even place your order as you're walking in the door.  Feel free to stop in even before you get your "order ready" email.

Pickup Location: 1389 Wheaton Dr #400, Troy, MI (View on Google Maps)
Standard Pickup Hours: Our official hours can be seen on Google Maps

After-Hours Pickup

After placing your order, reply to the order confirmation email and ask for "After Hours Pickup".  We'll put your order in an after-hours locker and send your the lockbox code so you can pick up your order on your own time. After-hours lockers are available 24/7, and we'll keep your order in the locker for 3 days.