Affiliate Program

Get 5% commission on every order!  We have 2 affiliate programs: tiktok and our website.  Here's how to get started.


  • Must be 18+: This is a pretty standard requirement on a lot of the platforms we use, such as TikTok and Shopify
  • Used our filament: We want recommendations to be genuine, which means that you've had a chance to use our filament without any bias.
  • 1000+ followers:  This is also a requirement by some platforms to do affiliate programs, so we've adopted it here as well.  This applies to TikTok, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, and any other social media sites.
  • No Controversial Content: We're looking for people who help others in the community, foster creativity, and help get new people excited about 3D printing.  Please try to avoid posting controversial content, content that puts others down, or content that elicits negative responses from the community.

TikTok Shop (recommended):

  • To be an affiliate, first create a TikTok shop account
  • Follow TikTok's setup guide if you need help
  • Send a message to @polarfilament on TikTok and request an affiliate invite. (TikTok only lets us add people who have completed the setup/verification process)
  • That's it!  Now Polar Filament will show up on your TikTok Shop page.  TikTok handles all the analytics and payments.  Go get em!

PolarFilament Website:

  • This uses custom coupon codes that we generate for you, which gives $1/off each spool to the customer, and earns you 5% kickback.
  • Send an email to with a link to your social media channel that meets the requirements above, and request an affiliate code.
  • You may request a specific coupon code related to your channel if you'd like
  • We will send you a coupon code and a link that automatically applies it.
  • We will also provide you with a tracker which will record whenever your link is used. This currently only tracks link CLICKS, but doesn't record when the code was actually used at checkout (coming soon).